fleas live without pets

Two weeks is a long time for adult fleas to go without food, and they will find it in some way, even if it means feasting on you. Fleas can survive for up to two weeks without a host, so they won’t go away if you don’t have dogs at home. If they don’t have pets, they’ll find a way to eat humans. They will cease spreading if you starve them because the female will not lay eggs without a blood meal. If you don’t have any pets, they’ll start infesting your bedroom, and your bed will be their first preference because they can suck on your blood as you sleep. read further to know how long will fleas live in a house without pets.

Can fleas live without pets?

Fleas will find all the comfort they require in your bedroom if they cannot locate pets to host them. Fleas flourish in warm environments and are drawn to the carbon dioxide we exhale. So when we sleep, we warm up our beds and concentrate CO2 in one location.

Your living room couch or seats will be the next area they infest and reside. This will be a safe hiding spot for them if the seating is made of fabric. The fabric is warmer than leather seats, which turn cold at night.

Can fleas survive on humans?

If there are no pets, fleas can survive on people. They will attack you while seated or resting and try to drink your blood before fleeing. This is because fleas dislike being exposed to the human body for long periods. For example, if you don’t shower and wear the same clothing every day, fleas will likely leave their eggs on your clothes and bite you. This is more common during the colder months when some people dislike showering.

Fleas might locate warmth at the roots of your thick hair if you have it. Your whiskers or your head can be the subject of this. If they can’t find pets, fleas can dwell on people’s hair. This is why you should keep them well-trimmed and, if feasible, use the appropriate shampoo. Fleas like thick human hair because it provides an excellent environment for them. They will, however, only do so if there are no pets at all.

It’s also worth noting that only one variety of fleas likes to feed on human blood. However, this does not imply that the others will overlook you if their preferred hosts are unavailable. This explains why fleas will be difficult to get rid of if you don’t have any pets in your home. On the other hand, Fleas will quickly leave your home if you keep it clean and neat. In addition, fleas will struggle to thrive on people if hygiene is maintained.

How long can fleas live without pets?

The typical fleas found on pets will not survive for more than 14 days without blood from pets in most cases.

Fleas have also been reported to favor fuzzy pets over those with less hair. Some cat and dog breeds are completely hairless. Fleas will feed on them, but they will not remain for long. They’ll keep looking for a comfortable place to stay.

Female fleas cannot lay eggs unless they have access to food. Fleas will not spread in your home if you don’t have pets, and they will gradually go away. Without pets, it could take at least a month to starve fleas out entirely. Starving fleas aren’t the most effective technique to get rid of them. Many people would rather find a means to earn rid of them rather than wait for them to die out.

If you don’t have any pets but still have a flea infestation, you need to remove fleas from your carpet, seats, and entire bedroom. If you don’t have any insecticides, essential oils such as clove oil can be used to get rid of fleas.


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