This question has gotten a bit old, but since the world is evolving and the internet, the answer to this question changes every day.

To be precise; “the internet is a worldwide networking system that provides a vast quality and variety of information and transitioning and conveying services using medium protocols”.

Internet is found in every home, every pocket, every room, every office, every institution, hence everywhere. We can easily say that our lives are incomplete without the internet in this era. Can you imagine you spending even an hour alone without wifi on your phone or the internet for your P.C? Not at all! This is what the internet is. A necessity, a habit, a hobby, a service, a commodity and so much more.

 What is the importance of the internet in our lives?


Importance of the internet? In our lives? This is a question whose answer you will get in a nano-second if you think your daily activities are without the internet! There are limitless benefits of the internet, some of which are;

  • The Internet has eliminated the concept of not talking over distances!
  • It has made studies, researching for theories, and every academic activity so easy that if the scientists and researchers of the past centuries had this facility, they would have reshaped the world.
  • Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment! The internet is an absolute jukebox of entertainment. A treasure of music, a fortune of movies, and ultimate riches of memes and funny content!
  • One of the biggest benefits of the internet, the core meaning of this system is communication. No one is far enough from anyone that they can not communicate; thanks to the internet!
  • Access to tons of information and trends. Nothing about anything is hidden anymore. Know about anything. Follow any internet trend that you want!

And so much more…

When was the internet invented?

So let’s talk about the history of the system that has thousands of histories in itself. It feels like the internet has been around forever, and we also wish that it stays till the end, the age of the internet in this material world is only something above 39 years. Some people say that the internet was born in a military base on military computers in 1969, but that has never been confirmed. The official birthday of the internet is considered to be 1st January 1983.

How Does the Internet Work?


The working of the internet is pretty complex yet very simple. It acts as a path, road, or network of channels that carry data and information to different destinations without them getting mixed. The process through which the transport of data and information is done on the internet is called the “packet switching process

The Internet has become a need for us and the survival of the world. More necessarily, it is critical for the development of hum, an kind.



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