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If you are a dog owner or going to become one, this is one of the most important questions for you; “What is the best way to train my dog?”. “A dog is a man’s best friend.” This is said enough, but what can we do about that? It is a fact! A dog is one of the most favourite pets of all time, and keeping it is a beautiful thing. With their expressive eyes, wagging tails, and loving behaviour, they have made a home in the heart of every human being. In the 21st century, dogs are not just pets; they are considered more; they are a part of the family, members of the household. But a dog with its raw habits and instincts is not easy to keep. It needs to be trained.

The Way Training a dog:

Training a dog is not as easy as it sounds. It can be stressful sometimes and can give you a real hard time. Training your dog in the right and perfect way can be a real nuisance, especially if your dog is stubborn. Therefore, training a dog has always been a hot topic amongst dog owners. There are also a dozen techniques, methods, and ways to train dogs, such as; positive reinforcement training technique, clicker training technique, scientific training technique, electronic training technique, etc. Cetera.

Among these training techniques and methods, the best one for a dog can be determined by acknowledging its breed, the environment it came from, and some other things. And if even after finding that you fail, you can always contact a training specialist.

But all of that aside, what until your dog gets trained? How does it need to behave? What basic house rules should he be taught, and how? Read further to know.

Primary actions:

The primary things and actions that every dog needs to know when living in a household are:

  1. Sit
  2. Heel
  3. Come 
  4. Down 

To teach these things effectively, efficiently, and quickly, you need to know some tricks such as:

Choosing the right name:

One of the best things about getting a dog is deciding its name. Everyone is excited, and each member of the family has something in their head to name the new pet of the family. But amid all this happiness and joy, you should know that names have a significant role to play in training. So when naming your dog, you should choose names that are sharp and clear to understand. Of course, the name should be short as well.

Private space:

Just like you, I, and every other human needs their own space; that’s also a thing for dogs. You should also provide your dog with a private space like its own den or a couch in a corner. That will give them a sense of privacy. They will respect your privacy. 

Can and cants:

You are setting the boundaries and defining the dos and don’ts. Softly and with love. As soon as your new dog comes into your house, it would be best if you focused on defining the limits to him in a polite manner. That will create a sense of responsibility in your dog.


In the end, be happy with how your dog has improved and what it has learned. Then, reward him with treats, toys, and most importantly, your time! This will motivate it to learn more and faster.

Apart from all of this, if you really want good results from training your dog, the most important thing is patience. the trainer of the dog needs to be patient along with being understanding and must know the instincts of the specific breed he or she is dealing with. Happy training!



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