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“AI”, short for artificial intelligence, has been popular for some time now around the world. From people’s pockets to the biggest industries, AI is everywhere nowadays. Most versions of it are made easily accessible for common people and people are using it. But what exactly is artificial intelligence? How does it work? In which areas can it be used and applied? Read till the end to find the answers to these questions and know about artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence:

The term “artificial intelligence” was first formulated in 1956, at a conference at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, New Hampshire. Artificial intelligence can be simply defined as any kind of intelligence showed or exhibited by any kind of machine is known as AI or artificial intelligence. To be more precise, we can say that:

Artificial intelligence is an algorithm developed by human beings, which can make decisions and carry out tasks and operations, intelligently and efficiently, without instructions”

Any machine that can carry out operations best suitable for a given situation, mostly by itself, is set to have artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can perform human-like tasks and they even grow. One of the most important things that distinguish human and artificial intelligence is that these algorithms are not designed, and are not capable of emotions or feelings. They are completely technical and every decision they take is entirely logical.

How does artificial intelligence (AI) work?

As is mentioned above, that artificial intelligence and human intelligence are the same in tasking and decision making, but human intelligence is far more superior and artificial intelligence is a mere mimicry of it, that is designed to assist humans. Artificial intelligence makes use of machine learning and manipulates it to imitate or impersonate human intelligence.

The computer or any other device processing the AI has to acquire knowledge of how to counter or react to certain actions, so in order to analyze and carry out what to do, it applies algorithms to create something know as a “propensity model”. The purpose of the propensity model is to predict and foresee every possible operation that should be carried out.

Types of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is a developing field of technology and is improving day by day. With researchers, scientists and tech developers making countless algorithmic combinations to improve AI, every day comes with a new version of it. But the AI is generally classified into four types:

  1. Reactive machines.
  2. Limited memory.
  3. Theory of mind.
  4. Self-awareness.

Why do we use artificial intelligence (AI)?

This is not the limit of what artificial intelligence can do. It can do much more like assisting humans in daily life, office works, scientific researches, weather forecasts and algorithmic predictions regarding trends in any field of the market. All of this sums us to saving us a lot of time with the help of artificial intelligence, which leads us to a new definition:

Artificial intelligence is a tool of science that assists the human technology and helps to save time.”



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