Vikings: Valhalla series for fan

The spinoff of the History Channel smash “Vikings,” “Vikings: Valhalla,” is an immense and expansive affair – and it’s smart enough to start small, with two intertwined tales of plain old-fashioned revenge.

The new Netflix series “Vikings: Valhalla” combines history and drama to tell the story of Viking adventures from over 1,000 years ago, beginning with a revenge mission against the English throne.

It covers the stories of Norse figures, including explorer Leif Eriksson, his uncompromising sister Freydis Eriksdotter, and demarcated Prince Harald Sigurdsson, set 100 years after the end of the hit series “Vikings”

“It was great to dive into the legend that lives in these sagas but stripping it back down and really telling a human story,” actor Sam Corlett briefed Reuters.

The plot follows Leif and Freydis, two Greenlanders who sail to Kattegat on a personal rivalry but are soon dragged in by Harald (Leo Suter) and King Canute (Bradley Freegard) to avenge fellow Vikings slaughtered in England.

Meanwhile, Frida Gustavsson’s Freydis is taken under the wing of female Kattegat leader Jarl Haakon, played by Caroline Henderson, and the two women form a strong companionship.

“It was incredible to work on a show where you have space for two strong female leads who are working together,” Gustavsson expressed.

“It’s not a walk in the park … long, long, long days … we were freezing, and we were tired … It’s not easy, but I think the work ethic that we had together and the friendship with the rest of the cast as well just really helped,” Henderson told.

There is a lot of seafaring and fierce fights in this series. It also examines the hatred that existed between pagan and Christian Vikings. Vikings: Valhalla is about Vikings as well. With the St Brice’s Day massacre, we pick up around a hundred years after we and Ragnar left off. On the 13th of November 1002, King Aethelred (Bosco Hogan), not so Unready, orders the death of every Dane in England in revenge for their fellow Norsemen’s proclivity for assaulting his country in previous years.


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