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The possibility of a Tesla smartphone, reputed to be called Model Pi/P, has been circling the web. However, how probably is a smartphone discharged? No sound sources have persuaded us regarding its reality, yet it made us figure: what might a smartphone from the world’s most significant automaker resemble?

When Will the Tesla Phone Be Released?

Tesla has a background marked by delivering fascinating, however, still, on-brand items like the Cybertruck-motivated all-electric vehicle for youngsters, an umbrella with their logo stepped on it, and a hardened steel whistle. Including a smartphone with the existing blend wouldn’t be close to as startling, yet its delivery isn’t pretty much as authentic as those different things, essentially not yet.

There are two essential reasons we’re addressing whether this smartphone is expected for a genuine delivery:

  • The high-level elements it’s said to have. We’ll get into this more underneath, yet a couple of models remember Neuralink backing and network for Mars. In truth, those abilities probably won’t be arranged in the primary emphasis of the smartphone, so it doesn’t mean they must be evolved entirely to see an essential gadget from Tesla. It’s sensible to be suspicious when those thoughts are tossed around this early.
  • The vast majority of the reports can be followed to a mid-2021 YouTube video from adrstudiodesign. Yet, it’s expressed those are the originator’s thoughts, not genuine breaks or subtleties from Tesla. Many of the ideas we’ve seen have all the earmarks of being based on that source.

A few evaluations give a goal-oriented delivery date of 2022; however, we’ll provide Tesla additional time and go with 2023–2024. That course of events seems OK for the essential elements covered beneath. If (that is a major if) this smartphone is genuinely being chipped away at, and each gossip is precise, there’s a slight possibility we’d see this smartphone until more like 2030.

Tesla advanced mobile phone Price Rumors.

A smartphone with all the high-level tech depicted underneath would cost more than a couple of thousand dollars. The resulting forms may descend in cost as more individuals begin utilizing the innovation, yet don’t anticipate that the first iteration should be reasonable for the vast majority.

Assuming, notwithstanding, as we estimate, the Tesla Model Pi gets going moderately fundamental with only a couple of the supposed highlights, we may see it at a more reasonable $800-$1,200.


We envision a declaration numerous months before the authority discharge to begin early pre-orders. Be that as it may, without a delivery date to reference, we have no clue about when pre-orders for the Tesla smartphone could begin.

We’ll give any meaningful connections about pre-requesting here, expecting we at any point go over dependable data about a delivery.

Tesla smartphone Features:

Considering Tesla’s ludicrous elements in their current items, similar to the Cybertruck’s almost invulnerable exoskeleton and bioweapon safeguard mode in a portion of their different vehicles, the bits of gossip about this smartphone isn’t unexpected.

This is what we’ve heard:

  1. Satellite web
  2. Solar charging
  3. Vehicle control
  4. Astrophotography
  5. Crypto mining
  6. Neuralink help

It’s undeniably more sensible to see something tamer become accessible first—i.e., those initial four or five elements just connected to a Tesla-marked variant of Android.

If this smartphone is genuine, and Tesla holds out a delivery until implantable mind machine points of interaction are accessible, we’ll need to stand by a few additional years. While it’s actual Musk needs this tech to be utilized in people beginning in 2022, it wouldn’t be accessible to everybody immediately because the principal objective of the innovation is to assist individuals with loss of motion.


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