Adios to “bridgerton,” au revoir to “lupin,” and farewell to “the crown.” Netflix has got itself a new champion in the field of most-watched series. “Squid game” is the no. 1 show on Netflix right now with its oddly curious name. “Squid game” is the first-ever Korean drama to hit the Netflix top charts, let alone be the best show right now. It is a disturbing series in which a children’s game is modified to be violent and deadly, and the winner emerges as a multi-millionaire. “Squid game” reached the mark in just four days of its release and now is the platform’s most significant release ever. Despite the disgustingly bloody scenes and throbbing heart violence, this series can result in addiction and can make you binge-watch it. Read further to know more about the “squid game.”

NOTE: minor spoilers ahead

What’s Squid Game about?


Squid Game, which began spilling on Sept. 17, centers around a frantically obligated gathering of individuals in South Korea. They’re fooled initially into a dangerously modified competition of kids’ games. However, many of them volunteer to play at that point, thinking that the games might be their foremost opportunity to win the cash they need to endure. Tons of money is in question, but the chances of getting out alive aren’t considerable. Think The Hunger Games, just highlighting challenges like Red Light, Green Light, and marbles.

What does the name “squid game” mean?

In the primary episode, Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-Jae) clarifies that Squid Game was a game child in his area once played on a squid-formed court. It’s similar to Red Rover or an intricate rendition of tag. No spoilers, yet the Squid Game itself, in the long run, comes up in the brutal competition.

Why should you watch Squid Game?

No inquiry, the show has a dim topic, and blood sprays uninhibitedly. Watching youngsters’ games transformed into dangerous fights is terrifying, and it’s not the best thing in the world for everybody. Yet, the characters are all around created, and the activity moves rapidly and never eases up for long.

The main character, Seong Gi-hun, is a frantic father who’s not difficult to pull for. However, he’s not great – there’s a grievous scene where his activities lead to misfortune. Furthermore, he’s in good company – different candidates incorporate an older man who turns into the granddad of the gathering, a North Korean displaced person, a criminal with a snake tattoo all over, and an exceptionally taught man who was the pride of his old neighborhood, yet didn’t exactly satisfy his latent capacity.

The characters are presented rapidly and efficiently, and afterward, the games are on. Whenever you’ve watched a scene, it’s hard not to continue to return for more, regardless of whether to see who endures the next curved game. And afterward … the end.

Bonus fact:

The show was planned to air two years ago with a different title!

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Netflix previously declared plans in September 2019 in a news release that chief Hwang Dong-hyuk would release another unique Korean series, at first named “Round Six.”

The delivery shared a similar reason to the authority rundown, clarifying that the game would occur in an obscure area. At the same time, the members were secured until there was just a single champ to guarantee the prize. The idea of each challenge is established in well-known youngsters’ games from the 1970s and 1980s. One of those games incorporates the nominal test, a strict interpretation of its Korean name, depicted as “a sort of label where offense and safeguard utilize a squid-formed board attracted to the soil.”



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