Speed VPN is a free virtual private networking service that enables its users to directly form a connection with the private network to which they are sending or receiving data. It ensures privacy and protection of identity and other sensitive information. It encrypts your data and hides your IP address by channeling your activity through a private and separate chain to a distant server. Finally, making your identity and addresses obscure so that you can surf the web safely in incognito.

Reasons to use Speed VPN

  • Secure your data on a public network

When using a public Wi-Fi or internet service, there is a great risk of exposure of your activity or information to all the other servers connected to the same network. Using Speed VPN or sometimes exterminates this risk.

  • Obscure activity from your internet service provider

When surfing or working on something private, that you do not want anyone to know, your internet service provider can still track or dig that information out. Using Speed VPN leaves your internet service provider powerless in these criteria. Even if they got their hands on the information, it will be useless for them as the data is encrypted.

  • Prevent data theft from the apps you use

Lots of apps out there do this nasty thing of stealing data from your devices, like contacts, web addresses, or personal media. SPEED VPN puts a blockade on these kinds of apps and prevents them from robbing you of your precious information.

  • Privacy from the government

Hackers, dark web users, and illegal data traffickers use high-quality VPNs to hide their activity and identity from the government. This helps them prevent themselves from getting busted.

  • Get through content blockage

Several kinds of content are blocked in several countries. With countries having their different and unique standards, a vast amount of content is not allowed to view. VPNs help to bypass these blockages and lets you enjoy whichever content you want.

Disadvantages of not using Speed VPN

  • Unsecure data

Not using Speed VPN can make you and your data vulnerable to a thousand data-stealing sources. Apps can steal your data; parties can track your location and your internet service provider can know about your data exchanges within the network.

  • Unable to access content

As it is told above that many types of content are blocked in several countries, moreover, governments also ban apps and media of public interest if that is offending the law. If you do not use Speed VPN, you lose the privilege of viewing that content.

Get it now for free VPN

Speed VPN will never disappoint you. Making you satisfied by providing you with the best private service and premium virtual private networking is its main aim and objective. you can download it from the play store for free.

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