snags of having cat as a pet

Keeping a pet is a beautiful thing, as well as an act of kindness and love. It can add colors to your life by giving you someone to love and care for. It can help you be responsible and conscious of your acts. A pet is like a part of you, and you even consider your home incomplete with it; if you have developed an attachment. It also has its medical advantages, like it can help you stay calm, hence controlling your blood pressure or anxiety levels. It can help you not feel lonely and much more. But what is it like to keep cats as pets?

Different people and households have different kinds of pets because everyone likes keeping an animal in their house and treating it like one of their own. Some prefer birds like parrots, doves, different kinds of sparrows, even owls and eagles—some like rabbits and hamsters and other rodents. But most pet lovers and owners are cat or dog lovers. These two have always been the prime choice of most people around the world.

Cats as pets:

cats and glasses

Cats are wonderful pets; they play, they attach, the way they widen their eyes, the way they want to cuddle, the way they purr or meow, all of it is just pure cuteness and love. They are easy to carry as well as not so challenging to handle. But it is not all good; keeping a cat can be so complicated and annoying sometimes. Yes, keeping a cat as a pet has its snags! They are apparent and experienced by every cat owner but not observed as much.

Pitfalls for cat owners

These are the common problems that every cat owner feels, and they often realize it after the cat has made its place in their home and heart. Common problems include:

A little harder to train to obey commands:

Cats are not easy to train and a lot harder to train if we compare them to dogs. They are careless and chill-mood animals who do not care if you are shouting at them or if they are breaking something. So, you will keep stressing, and they will not listen until they want to.

It can be a bit aloof:

Even if you have kept your cat for many years, if it is pissed off at something, it can behave like it does not even know you. It will distance itself from you, will not answer your call, and will even run from you when you head towards them.

Tend to enjoy scratching furniture:

With a cat’s bossy nature, this is a thing that makes every cat owner angry at their cats. Cats do this straight out of their liking and innocence, not thinking about how much pain it can cause its owner if it scratches her paws and claws on the furniture. They won’t give a second thought to it and will ruin your sofa buy scratching against it; because the cat enjoys it.

It can give some people allergies:

Every cat has allergens that are damn dangerous to people who are allergic to top animals or cats. Of course, this is not to blame on the cat, but if you are a cat lover and have any kinds of animal allergies, this is an excellent problem for you.

lazy cats

There are many more points like these, but this does not mean that cats are not suitable pets or we should boycott from keeping cats as a pet. This is only to inform you that if you cannot cope with these problems, you may want to think again before keeping a cat as a pet.



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