With the increasing percentage of children-less couples in the world, the number of households having more than one pet is also increasing simultaneously. Some parents are not able to become parents, or some just choose to stay this way. Sometimes it is a medical condition, a financial one, or just a choice. With liberty getting its way in traditions, cultures, religions, and norms of about every nation in this world, bearing a child and being a parent is becoming a less important part of a family for some people. They think that a family can be complete with only two people, two companions, and it will be a freer and broader lifestyle. And as far as loneliness is concerned, they think that pets can take the place of children.

Why people shouldn’t treat pets like children?

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These couples choose to find compensation for the feeling of being a parent by being pet owners. But that’s the difference; it is as simple to understand as it is to read! There is a great difference between being a parent and being a pet owner. Universe has a way of doing things, and everything done by it is perfect. If animals could ever replace human blood relatives, then “humans” and “animals” never would have been two different species.

Just as a flower cannot be treated as a garden, pets should not be treated like children. Many reasons support this argument, such as:

  1. Pets are animals, and even after tons of medications and vaccinations, they will always carry some bacteria or viruses that are harmful to human health.
  2. This idea can put make other parents feel bad, or embarrassed, or insulted, as no one will ever want their child being associated or compared to a pet.
  3. You never know about an animal’s instinct; the ratio of people being attacked by animals is indeed very low, but it is still there, and it can increase with the increasing number of people who consider their pet as their child.

It probably does not make your pet happy!

Animals have their psychology, biology, and physical requirements. They are designed and made differently. They have different immunities than you and the things that comfort you eventually do not comfort them. By considering them your children, you are simultaneously forcing them and making them evolve to your ways; making them adapt to your environment.

Importance of treating your pet right

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Pets are a wonderful addition to a family. They can grow a strong bond with the family members and can have a happy home themselves. And the family having the pet should take great care of it, giving it proper food on time, proving it with comfort places and toys to play with. They should also spend some time with it. This is the proper way. Pet owners should treat a pet the way the pets want them to treat it, instead, they make the pet get along to their ways; humane ways. And that is just what we do by considering it as a child.



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