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Hollywood is one of the biggest multi-media and film-making industries in the world. No doubt that Bollywood makes way more movies than Hollywood, but the case here is that the quality is better considered than the quantity. From horror to thriller, action to drama, and from sci-fi to fantasy, Hollywood has proven itself a pioneer in every genre. Moviefuze.com has hundreds of Hollywood movies of every genre for you to watch; all for free.

Be it action, fantasy, thriller, check it all out at MovieFuze

Amongst hundreds of most popular and awesome movies, we are here to recommend you 5 movies that you should watch on MovieFuze.com.

They are:

The Gemini man (2019)

gemini man movie

Lead actor: Will Smith

Lead actress: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Why watch this movie:

An action and sci-fi movie packed with action, thriller, and suspense. Additionally, the fight scenes in this movie are so excellently choreographed that they will make them jump up from the sofa!

Will Smith plays the character of a high-class assassin who is now getting old and at that age finds himself being attacked by another assassin who is much more agile than him, more like when he was in his prime age. Finally, he finds out that the person is his clone, who could predict his every move.

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Scoob (2020)

scoob movie

Lead actor: Frank Welker, Will forte, Zac Efron.

Lead actress: Amanda Seyfried, Gina Rodriguez

Why watch this movie:

We all know Scooby-Do and his team. They have been a part of our lives since childhood. Likewise, this time they are back with something different; a live-action-animated movie.

This movie is about a new and most challenging mystery that the group faces as a challenge. They have to solve the mystery of the three-headed ghost dog, and little do they know that they will also find a legacy.

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365 DAYS Full Movie (2020)

365 DNI movie

Lead actor: Michele Morrone

Lead actress: Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

Why watch this movie:

A young, handsome, and head of a mafia family guy kidnaps a girl he loves and gives her all the commodities and luxuries. In return, he demands er that she have 365 days, a year to fall in love with him.

Watch this 365 Days Movie to find out that if the girl loves him back or not!

Artemis fowl (2020)

Artemis fowl movie

Lead actor: Ferdia Shaw

Lead actress: Lara McDonnell

Why watch this movie:

Artemis fowl II, son of Artemis fowl I, is a 12-year-old kid who is just absolutely genius. He is the descendent of a long criminal family. This movie is about him searching for his father who has disappeared. What he does not know is that the disappearance of his father is associated with a magical world.

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Bloodshot (2020)

Bloodshot movie

Lead actor: Vin Diesel

Lead actress: Eiza Gonzalez

Why watch this movie:

A brilliant action/sci-fi movie, starring the legendary fast and furious star; Vin diesel.

Vin diesel is a soldier who is killed and is brought back to life by a group of scientists, with the help of nanotechnology they make him a killing machine. He notices that he does not remember anything from his past life, his mind is formatted again and again, he sets out for revenge, kills a lot of people, and more mysteries unravel.

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