Windows 11

Microsoft has been in the game of providing the world with operating systems for more than 30 years now. From Windows 85 to 97, from Windows XP to Windows 7, and from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and till now, Microsoft has always provided its user with a user-friendly interface and has tried its best to make its customers feel easy and comfortable while using these systems. People cherished the version of windows mentioned above very much, and soon these versions became very famous. The versions of windows mentioned here are some very appreciated and some of the most famous versions. some of these versions are still in use; like Windows 7. Now is the time for another update; Windows 11.

The latest version that Microsoft released of windows was windows 10, which was released back in October 5, 2021. As soon as it was launched, it had high demand and was being asked about everywhere in the world. In windows 10, the look and the interface were upgraded to a more sleek and sober design, pretty different from the past versions. This version was also more secure for your data and privacy. We can also say that this version was a better form of windows 8.

The successor:

microsoft windows
Microsoft Windows

Now, 5 years after using Windows 10, Microsoft is all set to launch the next boss in the field of operation. Microsoft confirmed the launch news of windows 11 at the big event held on the 24th of June. The version will launch in late 2021 (as expected); most likely in the month of October. After its release, it will continue to work through the whole year of 2022 and who knows how much longer than that. Microsoft wants to give its users the best experience they can ever have, so it has made windows 11 updateable, with a yearly update that will be available to make the customer’s experience better.

Features; what is new and different!

Windows 11 has all the features and services which were in windows 10, but so with so many new ones. It is a more evolved form, with more suitability for this era.

The taskbar has been renamed “The Dock.” you can operate it with touch as well as with a mouse. The multi-tasking phase has been intelligently improved with an app named “Snap groups” which helps to organize multiple windows and tabs in any format.

The GOOGLE TEAMS is also meshed up to The dock so that it will be easy to connect, talk, or video call with anyone. Microsoft redesigned and structured The Microsoft store with new and better features and looks.

One of the most tempting features, that will attract many young users is that they can download android applications as well; such as TikTok

we can not end the discussion without talking about the new interface design. Windows 11 has a different look from all the previous versions. It has a cool, calm, and relaxed kind of theme to itself. The start menu is relocated from its prior position to the center of the screen. The two themes; day and light, are in sync with the time of the day you are working at. It will change accordingly.

With time, Microsoft hasn’t stopped improving its designs and services. Microsoft will prove this statement true when it will launch its Windows 11 in the market, officially.


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