how to increase watch time

In this digital era, a lot of people around the world are converting to online earning. There are several platforms for this; one of the most popular platforms of them all is YouTube. Yes, day by day, YouTube is becoming saturated with creators, influencers, and channels which thousands of people are making content creation their full-time job. With this many creators and saturation in every category, it can be a little hard for newcomers to rise and make their mark.

To monetize your channel on YouTube, attach advertisements to it and start earning; YouTube requires a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time and at least 1000 subscribers on the beginner’s channel. Now, 4000 hours is not a small amount of time. It is very hard for most of the starters, and most of them quit. There is no doubt that hard work and consistency will make you successful. But, a little push to boost your watch hours on YouTube is not a bad idea. It can help you a lot.

TBN, s the best tuber; the ultimate solution to increase YouTube watch hours:

how to increase youtube watch hours

Increase Watch Hours On YouTube!

The actual program infuses visits into the video until it comes to +301, a basic figure for (malignant) YouTubers since Google checks the video for unnatural development designs. If you transfer a video and inside the space of minutes you utilize the program to build visits, have confidence that Google will see you exhaustively, it might even wind up erasing the video or erasing the channel in case it is too obvious۔

However, as I said, to take advantage of a transitory miniature specialty, this procedure is incredible since it permits you to position rapidly. If it is done well somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 days, you begin to get results. The actual program is extremely simple and exceptionally intuitive, and it won’t take you five minutes to give it. 

Google, of the multitude of things that it can follow, is equipped for identifying from where you interface, the time, your IP address, and the time slipped by between associations with an asset of its, so if you misuse this strategy almost certainly, Google gets a bit irritated and requests that you enter a manual human test to purchase that those associations are human.

TUBER has choices to import .txt records with all the video codes we need without adding them individually, and the equivalent should likewise be possible with a rundown of intermediaries. Also, that is it. I have arranged a .rar with the program and a rundown of intermediaries. To begin infusing visits, if it’s not too much trouble, follow these means.

how to increase youtube watch hours

Interaction (Step by Step)

  1. Download the file from this link
  2. Concentrate it and open the bot.
  3. Youtube
  4. Select the URL (video interface), delay, and perspectives.
  5. execute your proxy list.
  6. Stand by as the bot while it loads in the perspectives.
  7. Be renowned.

How to use:

  1. Open your windows search bar and search firewall.
  2. You will see the Firewall and Network protection option. Click and open it.Youtube
  3. A new window will open, turn off device performance and health and firewall and network protection.
  4. Please close this window. Now a pop-up dialogue box will appear, click yes on it; your firewall protection is turned off.
  5. Now check in to the virus and threat protection, turn off real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection.
  6. Locate the tuber file in your pc and open it.
  7. Open your browser, and search and open two sites; proxy scraper and your YouTube channel.
  8. Open proxy scrapper site, locate free proxy list option and click on it. You will see a list of three proxies that change every 5 minutes. Download those proxies.
  9. Now copy the link of the video of which you want views increased. Paste the link in the TBN software. Click save URL and load URL, and set the delay.
  10. Load the proxies. The more proxies, the better. Click start at the bottom-left corner.
  11. Boom! You are famous.


  1. 3.5 Framework (to be protected.) 
  2. No posts or sub, not a TBN Coder, so I don’t have confirmations. 
  3. A video or site to see, and intermediaries, of course. 
  4. TBN’s Best Tuber is an extraordinary little bit that permits you to visit your YouTube video, utilizing intermediaries. Do attempt to appreciate.
  5. Get Youtube watch time machine/TBN’s best tuber for free to download!



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