how long turtles live

Turtles are one of the most ancient species on earth. Pet or non-pet, one most common question that arises when discussing or thinking about turtles is “how long do turtles live” or “how long do turtles live as pets.” Turtles are known to carry on with longer lives than numerous different pets. A few types of turtles can live 100 years or more. A few regular pet water turtles can live into their 40s; however, many variables will impact how long your pet turtle lives. Your turtle’s life expectancy relies upon its species, its eating routine, and different parts of its current circumstance that you can handle.

Assuming that you’re expecting to know your turtle’s possible life expectancy, first distinguish the breed of your turtle. Whenever focused on appropriately, red-eared sliders are probably going to get by into their 30s. Without much of a stretch, Turtles can live past their 50s and even into their 80s, which implies it’s very conceivable that your turtle or turtle will outlast you.

We can now answer the question, “how long do turtles live as pets” that most of the turtles can live for some decades if they make it out safely from their initial years.

Typical Lifespans of Popular Pet Turtles in Captivity
Red-Eared Slider25 to 35 years
Map Turtle15 to 25 years
Wood Turtle40 to 55 years
Eastern Box Turtle50+ years
Painted Turtle25 to 30 years
Russian Tortoise40+ years
Greek Tortoise100 years or more
Leopard Tortoise100 years or more

More enormous turtles and turtles can carry on with very long lives. The more modest species that are more normal as pets are more limited-lived yet may endure a very long lifetime. How long do pet turtles live? Read ahead. There are many records of turtles that have lived almost 200 years (or significantly more). It isn’t easy to check these cases because the turtles outlasted their proprietors. Adwaita, an Aldabra monster turtle, is presumably the longest-living turtle on record. Adwaita lived in a zoo in India and kicked the bucket at 255 years old, assuming that rumors were accepted. These dates haven’t been checked.

Other broadly enduring turtles incorporate Timothy, who kicked the bucket at 160 years old; Harriet, a Galapagos monster turtle who passed on at 175 years old; Jonathan, a Seychelles goliath turtle who passed on at age 187; and Tu’i Malila, an emanated turtle who kicked the bucket at age 188. Practically these dates are gauges that can’t be affirmed.


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