A budgerigar’s lifespan
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Budgerigars mostly referred to as budgies, are adorable little birds. But, if you got one for yourself recently or already have it, you must have thought at least once about how long are they with you? What is the average budgerigar lifespan? How long do budgies live? Well, don’t worry, they are with you for a while. Read further to know more about a budgerigar’s lifespan.

Budgerigar lifespan in the wild:

Wild budgerigars are native to Australia, where the grasslands are not that easy to survive as a habitat. There are plenty of droughts and countless predators that hunt down budgerigars and other birdies. So wild budgies always form and stay in large flocks to survive and avoid all these threats and move from one place to another nomadically.

It is very little to no chance that wild budgies outlive domestic budgies. If and only if a budgie is very lucky, it may get to the age of five; to be able to get to eight is exceptional. Because of tough survival factors, budgies start mating when they are only a year old and reproduce around every rain.

Budgerigar lifespan in captivity:

A budgerigar in captivity can easily outlive a budgerigar out in the wild, facing many problems. For example, domestic budgies outlive wild budgies with an average difference of 5 years, but sometimes even more than that. They live this much longer because they have an owner to take care of them, and they do not face all the threats wild budgies face.

Budgies in captivity also face the problem of bad husbandry, which is one factor that contributes to their early deaths. In addition, budgies are not paid as much attention as dogs and cats.

It is quite absurd to estimate the lifespan of a budgie in captivity because it is quite impossible to get accurate answers; there are problems like illness, environment, and bad diet besides husbandry that can cause domestic budgies to live shorter.

Factors that influence a budgerigar’s lifespan:

As you know from reading above, a budgerigar’s average lifespan can be 5-10 years, but some issues and problems can change that. Along with all those issues, some other factors influence a budgerigar’s lifespan, and if you have come this far reading, you deserve to know those factors too.


It ultimately depends on every budgie’s breed and specific genes that influence how much they live.


It is an understood fact that not only on budgies, but diet also has a critical impact on any animal or bird. A good and balanced diet can contribute to a long and healthy life, while a bad diet can turn the table.


The lifespan of a budgie living in captivity depends a lot on the amount of care given. A budgerigar not taken good care of can die early for many reasons.

So, how long does a budgie live? It is entirely up to you, but it will take a very long time with any hope! Please leave a comment below if you have any additional concerns concerning a budgerigar’s life span or if you want to share your own experiences with maintaining these adorable little parakeets!


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