biggboss 15 final list of contestants

Bigg Boss is an Indian unscripted television game show establishment dependent on the Dutch show Big Brother. Endemol Shine India delivers it through Viacom18 and Star India. Hence, the show was partnered universally and accessible through Voort and Disney+ Hot star OTT stages. Bigg Boss was initially begun in the Hindi language and reached out into seven dialects spoken in the Indian sub-mainland, including Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam.

How does it work?

Challengers called “housemates” live in uniquely developed houses confined from the rest of the world. Housemates are removed, typically consistently, until just one remaining part and wins the monetary reward. During their visit to the house, contenders are constantly checked by live TV cameras just as close to home sound mouthpieces.

The program depends on strategies, for example, a stripped back-to-essential climate, expulsions, week-by-week assignments, contests ordered by Bigg Boss. In the “admission room,” the participants banter with Bigg Boss and choose the housemates they wish to remove from the house. The housemates with the most assignments are then reported, and watchers are offered the chance to cast a vote by means of SMS or online through social media and cell phone applications for the chosen one they wish to save from removal. The lone survivor is proclaimed the victor.

The challengers are needed to enjoy housework and are allotted undertakings by the ubiquitous power figure called Bigg Boss. The errands are intended to test collaboration capacities and local area soul of the housemates. The extravagance financial plan is a week-by-week stipend to purchase extravagant food things other than the provided fundamentals, which rely upon doled-out undertakings.

Bigg boss 15 All Season


The principal mystery was delivered on 22 August 2021. Salman Khan is a woods official conversing with a starry-eyed talking tree named Vishwasuntree, in which veteran entertainer Rekha gave her voice. In the Grand Finale episode, another promotion was delivered, uncovering the date of the Premiere Night.

Eye logo

This current season’s subject is “Sankat in Jungle.” Thus, remembering the subject, the eye is planned. The eye of the bigg boss logo this time is covered with green grass and shows a tree in the student of the eye with blazes coming from the focal point of the eye.


The show this time has a “Wilderness Theme” and is situated in Goregaon, and the house is isolated into two sections, Jungle House and Main House.


All housemates will be given an endurance pack with not many basics throughout the season and will get fewer offices this time. The housemates will go into a wilderness house with a kitchen, no beds, and couch and washroom for the initial three weeks. The housemates who will endure the wilderness will go into the super sumptuous house. There is an impractical tree in the nursery region named Vishwasuntree, the sovereign of the mystical nature in the place who will benefit the contenders who perform well in the wilderness.



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