effects of covid-19 on mobile usage

The last two years for the earthlings have been terrible. Lockdowns, curfews, empty roads, hospitals full, and a lot of deaths. All of this is because of a pandemic;’ the covid-19 aka coronavirus. Covid-19 has made our lives very limited; with thousands of cases increasing daily, social distancing and hundreds of SOPs to follow, outings, family gatherings, or any kind of outdoor activities haven’t been possible for a long time. But the question is, how did we pass all this free time? Didn’t we get bored? Who was our ultimate partner in these times of isolation? The answer is “mobile phones.”

No doubt that sitting at homes, staring at the walls caging us, counting the three wings of the ceiling fans again and again was killing us, some of us found some inner skills and talents to kill this time, some learned new things, some gained a bit of self-awareness, but most of us did the same thing. We jumped on the bed, grabbed our mobile phones, and scrolled the screens till our eyes were heavy and our minds exhausted. We cannot conclude that it had a negative or a positive effect; it depends on how we used it.

mobile and covd-19

Us and mobile phones, before and after the Covid-19:

Before the covid-19 popped its head in our societies, our lives were going just well. Going to work, institutions, spending time with family and friends, going out with our loved one, all was going well. Even at that time, mobile was blamed for occupying our lives too much. Then in 2019, the covid-19 appeared, from occupying our lives too much to settling most of our lives, leaving very little time for other aspects of life.

Like everything, every activity, every habit has its pros and cons, its plus and minus points, this much usage of mobile phones also has its ups and downs. The use of mobile has gone through the roof in the past two years, giving us:


  1. This one does not need to be said or told; it is a fact everyone knows; it is an excellent source of entertainment. Yeah, that’s true. Mobile phones are great time killers. They can provide us with any kind of fun and enjoyment, with millions of movies, games, songs, and everything that media office, mobile phones are the perfect stations to stop to if you’re going on a train of immense boredom.
  2. This device has helped us to continue our lives while it got still. Students were able to continue their education by online education; the responsible ones could provide for their family because they did not lose their jobs, thanks to work from home; mobile phones were the medium for online meetings.
  3. It helped creative people to discover themselves and learn new things. It made the world find hundreds of contemporary artists, creators, YouTubers, actors, singers who were jumbled up by their life’s routines before covid-19. Mobile helped them a lot.


  1. This one is a bit obvious; overuse of mobile phones is bad for your health. It can cause a lack of sleep and can also damage your eyesight. It can also cause headaches.
  2. Using mobile-only for entertainment can kill your creativity and can have an impact on your studies and work.
  3. Laying or sitting around the house all day, glued to your phones, looking constantly staring at the screens, is terrible for your physical health. You can become addicted.

All of this sums up the conclusion that the mobile phone is a necessity in this era, even more, critical in times of pandemic. We can not leave it altogether, so what we should do is manage and limit its use. We should not consume it for more than a few hours.



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