cleaning costs of dog teeth

A commonly understood thing is that dogs can only clean their teeth by themselves by chewing on treats or oral toys, but that’s just a myth. Dogs also need dental and oral care just like humans because they also develop plaque, leading to lousy dental and oral health.

If you try to save up on dog teeth cleaning costs by avoiding the dental checkup and cleaning process, you can face rather serious problems regarding your dog’s health. For good oral health, only brushing your dog’s teeth is not enough; they need proper veterinarian checkups to keep their dental health up to the mark.

Even if you brush your dog’s teeth on a tight schedule, getting your dog’s teeth checked half-yearly or yearly and cleaned professionally is still recommended. Professionally because for some cleaning processes, anaesthesia is required. Your dog’s teeth cleaning costs may look a bit thick to you, but it is best to save up some bucks for your dog’s oral health.

What is included in dog teeth cleaning costs?

Your dog’s teeth cleaning procedure will not be too lengthy, but it will take a little bit of your time. If everything goes as planned and normal, the process will only take 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes it takes as less as 30 minutes. However, if severe problems like extractions and canals pop up their head, the procedure can take as long as 3-4 hours. Standard dental cleaning packages often include and offer a general physical to assure the overall health of your canine. This physical checkup also helps know if your dog is suitable for anaesthesia.

Typical dog teeth cleaning cost includes:

  1. Dog X-rays are included in dog teeth cleaning costs, which are essential to analyze a dog’s tooth roots and complete jaw.
  2. The cost of a proper canine oral examination.
  3. Teeth scaling with professional equipment to get rid of plaque and tartar.
  4. The main cost is the cost of anesthesia in the whole procedure.

Remember that if your dog has a specific problem or has undergone some oral issues in the past, this may add additional costs as the vet may recommend other treatments.

How much exactly does dog teeth cleaning cost?

A dogs teeth cleaning cost vary and depend on various factors such as:

The veterinarian:

It primarily depends on the vet you visit and how much and how the clinic charges you.


While the cost depends on different clinics, the country or state can also entirely alter the amount you are charged for your dog’s teeth cleaning.


Your dog’s age is one of the main factors that contribute to the cost of your teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning for old dogs are relatively expensive than it is for young pups.


Larger dogs tend to need more anaesthesia, making their cleaning process ultimately more expensive than dogs that are not that big.

Is it worth it?

The dog teeth cleaning costs for better oral health may make you think that they are too much, but the fact to think about is that your dog’s health is something serious. If you want to cut down and save up on these costs, then the best strategy for you is to keep extra care of your dog’s teeth at home.


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