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Pets Are The Spark In A Family’s Lives, Which Lights Up The Environment. Get To Know About The Health, Habits And Concepts Regarding Pets.
Komodo Daragon

Is a Komodo Dragon a dinosaur? Know the facts!

We generally imagine enormous landscapes of lush woods and wildlife when we think of dinosaurs, where heavy foliage and monstrosities ranging from eight floors to the present low-rise apartment complex can...
Top 5 popular Dog breeders

Top 5 popular Dog breeds in 2022

It's a joy to have a dog at home. You get everything you need in one package: a companion, guardian, and buddy. Have you ever considered whether your dog will be...
best pet lizards

5 Best Pet lizards for beginners

Lizards are present on every continent except Antarctica, and there are over 6,000 different species. Some lizards are only an inch long, while others, such as the Komodo Dragon, can grow...
A budgerigar’s lifespan

How long do budgies live? A budgerigar’s lifespan

Budgerigars mostly referred to as budgies, are adorable little birds. But, if you got one for yourself recently or already have it, you must have thought at least once about how...
cleaning costs of dog teeth

Dog teeth cleaning costs: How much is it on my pocket?

A commonly understood thing is that dogs can only clean their teeth by themselves by chewing on treats or oral toys, but that's just a myth. Dogs also need dental and...