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Where can I watch the new season of Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Full reviewTommy was able to flee. He avoided everything - the fascists, the false diagnosis, his family, and himself. He galloped out of Peaky Blinders on a...
KGF Chapter 2

KGF Chapter 2 has got a flame blazing up in fans’ hearts!

What's the hype?The picture has all of the buzz working in its favor, and a single April 14 release would have guaranteed a Rs 50 crore opening weekend. However, the capacity...
Vikings: Valhalla series for fan

Vikings: Valhalla, a series for fans to look up to!

The spinoff of the History Channel smash "Vikings," "Vikings: Valhalla," is an immense and expansive affair – and it's smart enough to start small, with two intertwined tales of plain old-fashioned revenge.The new Netflix series "Vikings: Valhalla" combines history and drama to tell the story of Viking adventures from over 1,000 years ago, beginning with a revenge mission against the English throne.It...
Rings of power Woke by LOTR fans

Rings of power: Called ‘Woke’ by LOTR fans

According to The Daily Mail, fans of The Lord of the Rings are dissatisfied with the teaser for Amazon's billion-dollar spin-off Rings of Power, which they criticized for deviating from JRR...
Kirsten watched Spider-Man or Not

Kirsten Dunst: Watched “Spider-Man: No way home” or not?

Kirsten Dunst hasn't watched Spiderman: no way home, YET! – will eventually watch it with son.Kirsten Dunst just got nominated for the SAG awards for her formidable performance in "The Power...