Camilla wedding Prince Charles

The British Royal Family is no stranger to royal scandals, particularly when it comes to love. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles formerly had an uphill battle to gain acceptance from the royal family and the general public in the United Kingdom. Before their April 9, 2005, wedding, both Charles and Camilla had been married—Charles to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Camilla to Andrew Parker Bowles, the dad of her two juveniles, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Parker Bowles.

Despite this, the couple eventually persuaded the royal family (particularly the Queen) and the general public of their commitment to each other and England. However, the road to acceptance was long and treacherous.

The Queen did not attend the wedding ceremony, but attended the church blessing and hosted the reception afterwards, according to what Buckingham Palace announced on 22nd Feb. According to the palace, the pair chose to keep the celebration low-key.

Due to the couple’s tumultuous history, Camilla was claimed to be “terrified” that no one would attend her wedding to Prince Charles.

For the uninitiated, the couple’s courtship was contentious because they both had extramarital affairs while married to other people, Prince Charles to Princess Diana and Camilla to Andrew Parker Bowles.

After receiving negative headlines, the Duchess of Cornwall was concerned that she would be “booed” on her wedding day.

Carole Malone, a current affairs analyst, remarked about Camilla’s ordeal during the 2021 Channel 5 documentary, Charles and Camilla: “She [Camilla] was terrified no one would come. She was terrified she’d be booed.”

As Malone recalled: “I remember seeing film footage at the time, it was about 6 am, and there was no one on the streets of Windsor. It was freezing as well, it was a cold day.

“As a journalist, I was looking at it and thinking the only reaction to this is going to be national apathy, which is kind of almost as bad as a protest.”


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