bearded dragon's age

Bearded dragons are exotic pets, and exotic pets bring challenges with them. Like most pet adult and baby bearded dragons need specialized care with supervised diets and other routines. But a dragon owner can’t take proper care without knowing the bearded dragon’s age. Unfortunately, just like it is not easy to determine age easily in most reptiles, it is easier said than done to know your bearded dragon’s age.

To provide you with a solution to this problem and help you know your dragon’s age, we took the liberty to let you know about 3 ways through which you can determine your bearded dragon’s age. This way, you can easily take care of your bearded dragon; according to your age.

3 ways to determine a bearded dragon’s age:

If you want to know the age of your bearded dragon, try these three methods, which will help you choose a suitable care routine for your bearded dragon.

Ask the breeder:

 The best way to know the exact age of your dragon is to contact the breeder that bred it. The breeder of your bearded dragon is the only person who knows your dragon’s birthday so that they can provide you with the accurate birth date or current age.

But the main issue is that most stores do not cooperate and do not provide information about their breeders. This problem may make it impossible for you to contact the breeder. But let’s suppose you do get hold of the breeder, but it is difficult for the breeders to determine which dragon you purchased, which makes tracking your dragon’s information a very difficult task.

Ask the seller

If you are lucky, you will not have to go a long way to contact the breeder. Sometimes the store or the seller knows the bearded dragon’s age. This is not always the case, but most stores keep a record. Now, you don’t need to get the age, you can also get the date when the store got the dragon or something else, but the information may help you.

It’s a bit hit-or-miss with this. Some people will know a lot about the dragon, including health-related knowledge. Others will contain only the most basic information. Some stores will include the breeder’s contact information.

If you know Sexual Maturity, you can determine the age :

Your dragon must be at least 8-12 months old to be sexually mature. Otherwise, they will be much younger. You’ll need to look for bulges under the dragon’s tail to identify sexual maturity. There will be no bulges before sexual maturity. This information can also be used to determine gender.

This method should only be used if nothing works. If you can’t determine your dragon’s age through other means, you’ll need to base it on sexual maturity, as long as they still haven’t reached it. You’ll have to wait till the lumps appear if they aren’t already there. Once you feel them, your bearded dragons age is about 8-12 months old.


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