influence of movies

Movies have been between us for more than a century now. Everyone loves movies, and everyone likes different genres of them. Some like romantic while some like to watch drama films. Some prefer horror over action films, while some are stuck between choosing fantasy or science-fiction. But no matter which genre the film belongs to, they are a great source of entertainment and can help you kill time. Movies also serve as a medium that gathers friends and family to spend some quality time.

But the query that curiously comes to mind is that; “are movies only for entertainment?”, “Is this their only purpose?” 

What role have movies been playing in our society:

influence of movies

It is a fact not observed much, but this does not make it any less accurate. The truth is that films play a significant role in our societies, laying the base for future mindsets and ideologies. They also have critical participation in affecting our lifestyles, including what we wear, eat, drive, or live in. Movies can alter minds and set them on a new path. The impact about every aspect of our lives; such as:

Movies and religious ideologies:

This image side is not observed or considered, but films profoundly impact viewers’ religious and spiritual beliefs and values. Therefore, it can strengthen as well as weaken the faiths of people with its ideas conveyed.

Movies and social ideologies:

Social ideologies are significantly impacted by films, their scripts and the portrayal of characters. Take the example of superman; kids watching superman does not believe in revenge as much as they value justice, while kids that admire batman think in a more brutal way of giving things order.

Influence on fashion:

Presenting evidence is not necessary to prove this point; films like the devil wear the Prada (2006) and the September issue (2009) were mainly made to preach fashion. Moreover, stars like Rihanna, Zendaya, and David Bowie are idolized for their fashion sense.

Impact on food:

Food is also impacted by how films portray it. Nonetheless, many food brands are also advertised through film. So, for example, if Robert Downey junior ate a doughnut from Dunkin’ doughnuts in one of his movies, all the iron man and sherlock homes fans will be eating doughnuts from there from the very next day.

Movies and lifestyles:

Our lifestyles are the most extensive area that is affected by what we view in movies. For example, an action movie teaches us how to fight back, a business movie tells us how to tackle official cases and behave in them, a drama and romance movie sets us near or more far from our loved ones. a modern-day movie will encourage us to improve our households including appliances, buildings and hoke designs. In contrast, a vintage film will honour the old layouts. In this way, movies can change, improve, alter, or degrade our lifestyles.

What is their bigger purpose?

influence of movies

Influence, Influence and Influence. This is the core purpose of making movies. To convey a message, to deliver an idea, to infuse an ideology or way of thinking. With entertainment being an important goal for a film to achieve, movies influence our lives in a way no other thing can. This is a digital era in which we value mobiles and computers more than we love books. So, in the same way, we prefer to watch content as compared to read it. Moreover, a written text can only preach one idea in one context at a time, while a 

If presented graphically and digitally, the exact written text can sermonize several ideas and attract people towards it.
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  1. You guys are absolute. Movies do have a significant impact on our minds, concepts, ideas,
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