Amber Heard’s lawyer is a Johnny Depp fan

Amber Heard’s lawyer could be a fan of Johnny Depp!

TikTok has discovered an old photo of Johnny Depp at a red-carpet event surrounded by fans, one of whom looks suspiciously like ex-wife Amber’s lawyer, Elaine Bredhehoft.

Even though the claim’s truth has yet to be verified, Depp and his supporters are confident the woman is Ms. Bredhehoft.

“Even Amber’s team are on Johnny’s side,” bantered one.

“What if she is purposely doing bad so that Johnny can win and she actually likes him?” another added.

“I’m convinced she became her lawyer to see him,” a third said.

Those rooting for Depp to win were buoyed by the dubious fan findings. “I cannot tell you how hard I laughed seeing this,” wrote one apparent fan. “I really hope Amber sees this.”

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Depp sued Amber for defamation after she admitted to being a victim of domestic abuse.


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