Comfortable sweatpants are wonderful, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. People all across the world have been living in loungewear for the better part of the last two years. There’s been no reason to dress up, thus there’s been no need for anything other than joggers or shorts. It seemed like a great occasion just to put on a pair of pants. Nothing even close to smart trouser styles!

Now that the world has reopened, it’s time to put on something a little more formal. Something sleek and smart that can be styled to elevate casual clothes or paired with tailoring. These styles will be referred to as “smart trousers” collectively, and there are a few crucial variations that no guy should be without.

We look at the greatest smart trouser types, why you need them, and how to style them in the video below. These are the elegant trousers every man should own, from time-honored traditional styles to contemporary classics.

Smart trouser styles every man should have:

‘Smart trousers’ is a broad phrase that encompasses a wide range of styles. They’re best described as any form of legwear that goes well with tailoring. They’re frequently made from the same fabric as suiting, so steer clear of denim and twill in favor of wool, gabardine, and cashmere.

Tailored elements in smart trouser styles, like a crease, are common in smart pants, which help to extend the leg and draw the eye. Pleats, a hook-and-bar front fastening, and discrete slit pockets, as opposed to patch pockets, may also be present.

  • Grey Wool Trousers

A good pair of grey wool suit trousers is a must-have for any fashionable man in the category of smart trouser styles. They’re simple, timeless, and adaptable. Choose a standard tapered leg for maximum wearability. This is a well-balanced cut that can be dressed up or down and goes with everything in your closet.

Wear them with a tucked white T-shirt or cream roll neck, premium leather or suede sneakers, and a contrasting jacket – blue is always a nice choice – for a modern take on smart casual. Swap the sneakers for a classic black derby shoe and dress up the top half with a poplin shirt, fitting jacket, and contrasting pocket square for a dressier look.

  • Earthy Corduroys

The resurrection of the 1970s is a trend that just won’t go away. Perhaps it’s time we all recognized that corduroys are merely a part of our current wardrobe and embraced them by buying in a pair? These textured slacks have been mocked for decades. People mocked them and made jokes about geography instructors, but the truth is that anyone who thinks cords are uncool simply doesn’t know how to wear them.

Choose an earthy color and pair it with textured pieces like heavy-gauge knitwear, fleece coats, suede chukka boots, and wool outerwear.

  • Cropped Dress Trousers

Another easy method to get your tailoring summer-ready is to go for cropped-leg trousers. This style of smart trousers styles allows your ankles to breathe while also displaying your footwear in a way that standard-length dress pants just cannot.

This style can flatter a variety of body types, but if you’re extremely tall and slender or have long legs, you should avoid it because the shorter leg will highlight these features and give the appearance that you’re unwittingly wearing too-small trousers.


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